Opgericht in 2017 en nu al hard op weg om een gevestigde naam binnen de fitnessbranche te worden. Aero wear staat voor visie, integriteit, discipline, geduld en trots.

Een kledinglijn om trots op te zijn dus en wij zijn blij te mogen melden dat Aero wear tijdens Fitfair 2018 aanwezig zal zijn.

Meer informatie over Aero wear.

This is Aero wear
“For who you are, and what you stand for” is our slogan at Aero wear. It embraces the essence of what our brand wants to be for you. You, all the athletic men and women in the world, that form the inspiration for our brand.
Because at Aero wear we believe that every individual is unique and each of us have their own fitness goals that keep us going back to the gym for more. Something that isn’t simply about impressing others or looking good. Achieving these fitness goals help us with achieving goals in every other aspect of our lives. Whether it is becoming physically and mentally stronger, creating friendships or improving once self-confidence. The motivation behind these goals define what we find important, where we come from, who we are, where we want to go and why we do the things we do day in and day out. It is “For who you are, and what you stand for”.