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We are movers with a strong athletic and artistic background.
We consider movement not restricted to moves. 
We consider movement to be the means for survival, knowledge, creativity and pleasure.
We created Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot out of a burning need to develop as humans 
through a practice that would nourish our passion and love for life.

Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot
is an innovative movement practice with wide applications in various fields
such as Dance Movement Therapy Services, Sports, Martial Arts, Rehabilitation,
Arts, Communication to name some.

Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot
studies how our structure and physiology interrelate with our behaviour,
emotions, thoughts and memories.

Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot
creates “Movement Situations” that help you transform training
into activity that positively affects your daily life.

Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot
allows you to test how valid is your knowledge and how creatively adaptive you are
when you encounter the unknown.

Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot
supports your potential in the field you want to excel.


Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot