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Golden Global Innovations develops product that deliver sustainable solutions for real problems on a global level.

The globalisation of unhealthy lifestyles and climate change are the greatest threats of our time. Consumption of sugary and caffeinated drinks, are a major concern and lead to many health problems. We can do something about it, we can buy for a better world. Are you also fed up with all the unhealthy sugar and caffeine in your drink, or want to drink something different than water? Yes, you want something clean, good taste, hydrating and healthy for your body to perform at your optimal levels!

We offer the the innovation in the beverage market, good for your health, the environment and animals, Predator Endurance®. Predator is a refreshing sparkling water with functionality. We replaced the unhealthy caffeine and sugar with adaptogenic super herbs also called adaptogens. It’s our mission to inspire people to drink healthier, no sugar and caffeine, to reduce plastic waste and to save endangered animals with our Predator Protection Plan.