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Gymdonkey’s mission is to provide assistance to the athletes whenever it’s needed. We believe that each of our athletes can benefit from support, no-one achieves their goals on their own. At Gymdonkey we make sure that during a workout, athletes can completely focus on smashing their goals. We have captured this vision in our Ultimate Sidekick.

At Gymdonkey we have created a product that combines all your sport essentials in an easy to carry package. What athletes in the gym usually do is carry their smartphone in their pocket and leave their water bottle on the ground. However, now you’ve got another option. Because of GymDonkey, and it’s universal straps you can combine your bottle, smartphone and other essentials into one product. The strong magnets let you attach the GymDonkey to the fitness equipment and have instant access to everything you need. You can focus on what’s important and we carry the rest. It becomes your Ultimate Sidekick.