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85% of women will have a baby at some point in their life, and once they have, they will be postnatal forever. That means that if you’re a (personal) trainer, and you work with women, it will be almost certain that you work with pre- and postnatal women.

We experienced the lack of knowledge about the female body and pregnancy stages throughout our careers as a personal trainer. Sadly the pre- and postnatal women often experience the worst of it. We feel that women in the fitness industry are chronically underserved. That’s why we, at I AM WOMAN, started to create a female friendly environment where we can build up the female body through strength training and specialized coaching.

Working with pre- and postnatal women requires an in-depth understanding of not only a woman’s anatomy and physiology, but also the psychology of working with them. Because every woman’s pregnancy experience is different. Therefore we created the first ever and most comprehensive personal training course focused on power training and individualized coaching for women in every stage of her life.