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Trampoline & Workout in premium quality

Jumping Fitness Nederland is part of Jumping Fitness AG which is a young company from Berlin.
Since 2014, our team have been working to promote the power workout on the trampoline, highlighting its unique quality features on the market. In the training of trainers, we have found a great partner with SAFS & BETA and together we refined the concept of Jumping Fitness, rounded it off and made it more effective.

Jumping Fitness is a group training with varied exercises to motivating music. The combination of fast and slow jumps, strength and balance has a positive effect on fitness and health. The cardio training promotes conditioning and coordination, strengthens the deep muscles and accelerates fat burning.

In one lesson, all muscle groups are addressed and even burned up to 1000 kcal.
Jumping Fitness is significantly more effective than jogging, while protecting the back and joints. It forms and strengthens the body without muscle soreness. In addition, playing with gravity dispels stress and produces happy hormones.

The trampolines were specially developed for the innovative training program of Jumping Fitness. In cooperation with BelliconĀ®, the world’s most experienced trampoline manufacturer, they are produced in compliance with the highest quality standards and fair working conditions in Germany.

The hexagonal function design offers more space for jumping and the adjustable handle provides stability. Thanks to a novel individual suspension, the cable rings can be exchanged quickly and easily. The devices are extremely lightweight and compact to allow space-saving storage. There are four different colors for proffesional studio use. The material is very durable. More than 1000 fitness studios in Germany and over 60 in The Netherlands have already added Jumping Fitness to the program and are looking forward to booked-out courses.

Jumping Fitness is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, as participants can choose the intensity of the exercises individually. The basic steps are quick to learn and garanty success experiences, even for beginners after a short time.

The power workout on the trampoline is particularly demanding in terms of the training outfit. That’s why Jumping Fitness Nederland designed their own sportwear collection, Trendy colors and a functional fabric that guarantee freedom of movement.