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A healthy body… don’t we all want that?
You’re living a fit and active lifestyle. You want to work-out without injuries or painful joints and you wish to recover fast with a healthy and flexible body. Niche4Health is the collagen specialist that will help you to achieve those goals. Our food supplements, which we offer in handy monthly supply containers, are beneficial to your bones, muscles, joints and skin.

Why Collagen?
Collagen is a protein, which constitutes the most important building block of our body. It takes care of the unity and elasticity of connective tissues such as your skin, cartilage and bones. Your bodies’ natural growth of collagen reduces drastically after you reach 25 thus making you more vulnerable to injury and minor ailments. Hydrolyzed collagen by Niche4Health easily ingested by your body to compensate the deficit mentioned above. In addition, our collagen sends out a signal to your body in order to stimulate your own natural collagen production.

Our products are totally safe and clean for athletes. Our Hydrolyzed Collagen is approved by the NZVT, the Dutch anti-doping authority. The NZVT tests our products to ensure the absence of doping- related substances. Please consult the NZVT website for more information and batch-codes.

We have many professional athletes in our client base. Soccer and hockey players, CrossFit athletes, fitness professionals and triathlon and marathon runners to name but a few. Lastly, we’re proud to mention that we’re the official supplier of the best clubs within the Eredivisie, the highest Dutch soccer competition.

Want to become a Reseller?
Niche4Health is currently looking for resellers who wish to distribute our products to their own client base. Health, Sports & Nutrition professionals who – just like us – value Professionalism and Innovation within their respective terrains are welcome to apply.