The flagship product in the Akuis range, Sintesi is a robotic and digital multifunction machine where traditional weights are replaced by a kit of energy saving electric motors. The item features an elegant, attractive design with small footprint.

Sintesi is a compact, minimal yet complete tool to offer the same experience as a real gym, but with greater freedom of movement. Therefore all the training functions and technology were brought together within two tubular modules. The machine can be positioned both vertically, through some wall brackets, and horizontally, thanks to a special and easily adjustable support platform. The user, through the app installed on a tablet offered with the machine, can customize his training program and monitor its progress. With Sintesi you can load different profiles and simulate many working conditions. Personalize your training as never before.

Training with a

  • constant load,
  • eccentric load,
  • auxotonic load,
  • magnetic load,
  • viscous load,
  • vibrant load,
  • isometric load,
  • isokinetic load and
  • guided movement load

are all possible with ONE machine. It can be used by anyone and is suitable for both home and professional use.

Sintesi is not only a design item but, first of all, an advanced tool that represents the best of cabled multifunction equipment technology. Try Sintesi or need more information? Please contact GymCreators via email ​​ or call +31 (0)85-78 27 494.