ELCIES is a Health- and Fitness Data Aggregator

ELCIES offers an unified solution to access Health- and Fitness data from dozens of different brands and apps.

ELCIES API enables you to create custom applications and solutions with Health- and Fitness data such as Steps, Weight, Calories, HeartRate, Physical Activity, Sleep records, Glucose levels, Blood Pressure, etc.

The need to efficiently collect and share vast amounts of Healtho and Fitness Data coming from various wearables and devices is an issue that faces most Fitness service providers today

ELCIES API is allowing Fitness Centres, Personal Trainers and Dieticians to interact with new data sources without the need to overhaul existing technology and with relatively low risk of business disruption of heavy integration with the dozen other wearable platforms (such as Fitbit, Apple, GoogleFit, Withings etc.). This allows Fitness service providers to use data more quickly, easily and efficiently when they are looking to do something specific with this kind of data.