I came into fitness industry around year 2000. I started as a presenter at big shows for Johnny G and later for his Kranking program. At the training camp in USA I got an idea for new training tool and I had a pretty clear vision how to develop training system for it. I started from the bottom with nothing, just me and my idea. I bet everything on it and focused solely on making it better. What followed was many years of testing, developing, playing with different versions… Then I met few good coaches and couple of guys from NHL and I put them through several training tests. They were ecstatic and full of enthusiasm for my new training tool. This was the first success of the Cobra rope and big milestone for me after those years. Now we are present in 20 countries around the world, in professional sports and also in fitness market. I’m really proud of GUN-eX and the team of friends I made all around the world