A dynamic multi-tasker, who makes her living jumping and flying about. She connects easily, and brings out the best in people with her sparkly personality. After 10 years of working as a professional dancer & aerial acrobatic performer, she expanded her teaching skills by adding yoga into the mix. Aerial Yoga was born. She has pioneered and led the Aerial Yoga business in The Netherlands & Belgium for 7 years now.

She continued performing within the world of Aerial Arts, which led to her to becoming the Aerial dance captain of the musical Tarzan, where her love for bungee began. Always eager for more creative challenges, she started creating bungee choreographies for professional dancers.

With all of this bungee experience under her belt, she was motivated to bring it back into the studio. To make it accessible for everyone. From fitness boys and girls, to dancers… literally anyone that wants to experience the freedom and strength of a super hero. Her mission is to awaken the super hero, sleeping beauty and inner child living inside of each and every participant. Making it impossible not to smile, and feel empowered, with every single jump.
“The reaction of the students is my biggest motivation to put Bungee Super Fly on the map.”
Janneke and her team create bungee workouts, bungee dance classes, choreographies, bungee instructor trainings, and offer all custom made bungee equipment.