Miriam Kuster is the founder of Feel Good Moms and a qualified Pre- and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist and Core and Diastasis Consultant. Her career in the fitness industry began in Australia when she decided to become a certified Personal Trainer in 2009. Since then, Miriam has been drawn to an analytical style of coaching and saw herself developing a passion for corrective exercise and holistic lifestyle coaching.
Over time she developed a particular interest in the female anatomy and set out delve deeper into the very topics many shy away from. These include peeing while running or sneezing, pelvic organ prolapse, still looking pregnant months or even years after delivery and so on.
Moreover, she saw an urgent need for programs specifically developed to support women during and after pregnancy to ensure they can still enjoy the activities they love without the direct risk of harming their bodies.
In close collaboration with pelvic floor physical therapists and other pregnancy and birth professionals, she developed programs with a particular focus on breath, and the inner core unit consisting of the diaphragm, transverse abdominis, the pelvic floor and multifidus. In her classes and 1:1 coaching sessions, she teaches women how to effectively activate these muscles in order to support functional movements and happily go about life.
Her Feel Good Moms community continues to grow and she loves bringing women together to allow them to share their stories and support each other.