Mirwais Mehrab is a doctor in training and sports science researcher at Erasmus University Medical Centre. With a background of 10+ years in traditional martial arts, he started participating in hybrid sports as CrossFit at a young age and has been coaching in CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting since 2013. He has competed in international CrossFit competitions until 2016 and is a three time consecutive Dutch National Champion in Olympic weightlifting in the 69kg- class.

As a strength and conditioning specialist, he runs ‘Mirwais Training System’ and aims to continuously optimize athletic education and performance through publishing extensive sports scientific research. By doing so, his mission is to create new insights and to serve as a guide to deeper understanding of crucial subjects in the world of sports and athleticism. He has worked as head coach & manager and has extensive experience in training athletes and coaches all over the world.

His interest in Sports Medicine comes from a deep passion within to be of unconditional service through helping people and to promote fitness as a way of prevention in the fight against disease. He is currently investigating injury in sports and has published a study in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine regarding injuries during CrossFit training. With his background in sports and future in Sports Medicine, he will bridge the gap between science and sport.

Finally, Mirwais believes all individuals in this world are unique; everyone has a story, purpose, meaning, and own perspective. He encourages to never stop learning in life and to learn expressing the true-unique self; to be exceptional and stand out, becoming a Dragon among Men.