SALTY is a team of 3 individuals (Eloise, Nick & Victoire) that connected because of a shared ideology, mindset and lifestyle. We came up with the idea that we can eliminate one huge problem for you.

The idea came when we were at the beach, drinking corona’s and realizing what a mess it is right now in our beautiful industry.

Literally, you have a dozen memberships for a dozen different gyms, apps, programs, channels, e-books and you still haven’t achieved your goals. Oops!!!

In the future, we’re going to solve that problem for you with one solution.

During Fitfair you get a little taste of what’s to come by joining our SALTY workshop.

“The founders of SALTY have over 25 years of experience helping their clients achieve their goals in the health, fitness and lifestyle industries. With their extensive networks within these industries, SALTY delivers entertaining motivational, inspirational, and educational content to the masses”