Crossmaxx offers a complete range of professional equipment specifically designed for ‘high intensity’ training such as CrossFit and functional fitness.

Crossmaxx is part of Lifemaxx B.V.
Lifemaxx B.V. is since 2004 an internationally oriented company where you can find all accessories and weights for the professional fitness industry. Think of cable handles, dumbbells, discs, bumper plates, bars, foam rollers, squat racks, storage racks, medicine balls, Olympic benches and much more.In addition to equipment from our own brands Lifemaxx®, Crossmaxx® and LMX.®, Lifemaxx is the exclusive distributor of the well-known and innovative brands Suples® Bulgarian Bag, Vicore® Fitness, TRYON®, PT4Pro® & Exxentric® and distributor of Concept2® and Assault® Fitness.We offer a total range for sports centers, Personal Training studios, outdoor training such as Bootcamp, physiofitness and CrossFit® boxes. Quality and service are our top priorities and through more than 30 years of experience in fitness we are happy to advise and guide you to the right products.